House System

To work for effective management of school activities, discipline and foster the spirit, the school has established a house system. Each student is allocated one of the four houses. The names of the houses are Blue, Green, Red and Yellow signifying the aims and ideas for students to work in collaboration and develop the spirit of team work.

Represents Agni. Red is the colour of passion and drama. It signifies courage , strength and power. It is colour of excitement.
Represents Prithivi. Green is the colour growth & health It signifies the gloriness of life and freshness.
Represents Surya. Yellow is the colour of optimism. It signifies youthful and fresh energy. It is associated with success and confidence.
Represents Akash. Blue is the colour of trust. It signifies calmness , convey tranquility , serenity and peace. It is associated with feelings of trust , loyalty and responsibility.