The Emblem is the visual representation of ths school's motto-
‘Ensuring your child's foundation’.
Fruits are the god's gift, Blessings for human being. Strawberry is the Goddess of Love because of it's Heart Shape & Rich Red Colour.

We have Adopted a strawberry as our Emblem. Because Strawberry Promots Eye Health, Enhances Memory, Protect from Heart disease. Prmote Bone Health, Prevent Oesophageal Cancer. It has Anti - aging properties, Helps in Strengthening Hair, Nails and Burning Stored fats.

Strawberry helps students in their Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social(Holostic) Growth.

STRAWBERRY needs Pleasant, Healthy and Proper Environment to Grow. We nurture our children as Carefully and Whole-Heartedly as the Gardeners do.